The season of the Festivals, Holidays and Weddings is on its way…coming soon to break your willpower as you may be preparing to lose weight and fit into the perfect party clothes. Don’t get disheartened that all your efforts will go waste.

So, when it comes to eating healthy, it’s just doing the right thing. And it’s not something you have to do 365 days a year, but I think it’s something you have to do 25 days a month. Let’s put it that way” – Mike Ditka

Here are some of our favorite tips on how to fully enjoy the party without depriving yourself of yummy food.

  1. Eat pre-party: Yes, it’s boring…isn’t it? But, it’s still always a good idea to grab a snack before you go to the party so you aren’t starved when you walk in. Eat something that has a balance of low sugar and adequate protein. Try a bowl of yogurt, handful of nuts or glass of milk / lassi.

2. Be tactful: Decide which party foods you really want to eat and which ones are just not worth the calories. Position yourself away from the finger foods so you are less likely to grab at them mindlessly.

3. Reduce salt intake: If the party is pre-planned, try a low or almost no salt day the previous day, or on the day of the party itself. There’s a reason behind it – low salt diet will help with water loss. So, when you eat party foods (which are usually always high in salt), it won’t lead to immediate weight gain due to water retention.

4. Feed your will power: Scan through the buffet before getting in line. Wisely pick out the healthier choices. Take care that foods that appear to be made with creamy sauces, deep fried, high on sugar do not find their way to your plate, but if it’s something you really (really) want, don’t think too much, just control the portion size! You don’t want to look back and sigh – I could’ve eaten that!

5.  Have a drink or two:  No party is complete without alcohol (well, most of the times). You can enjoy that too, but do so in moderation. Why so? Because remember that calories from alcohol DO count. Use mixers like plain soda, tonic water, sparkling water or ice to avoid the unwelcome calories from sugars (juices and aerated waters).

6. Be social: Have fun, converse and interact more than paying attention to eating and           obviously hold on to that glass for a bit longer. 😉

7. Quench your thirst: Don’t use juices, aerated drinks, and especially the glass of wine to           satisfy your thirst. Just have plain Water!

8. Just for Laughs: (you never know, it might work too): Wear a well fitted outfit, nothing that will     stretch or give you more room – hopefully this will keep you from overeating, because it sure isn’t comfortable when your clothes start feeling tight and constricting.

Our tips to bounce back after a night of wild partying. You will love them!

  • The morning after, wake up to 1-2 glasses of warm water with lemon to purge the previous night’s meal and drinks.
  • Then have a hearty, healthy breakfast and get right back to normal eating and exercise routine.
  • Don’t fall for any damage control diet. Just because you ate too much the previous night, doesn’t mean you punish the stomach the other day by fasting or living on fruits.

Hope you follow these tips…and party all night!

— by Team bon happetee


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