Beans are the new apples!

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We have all grown up listening to the popular old saying, ‘Apple a day keeps the doctor away’. But why should apples get all the limelight when we have our humble beans, which are as competent as apples? And not just that ! Beans are a foodie’s best friend. Think about any meal and you will be able to find  beans/lentil/legumes to complement it.

By including various beans in various meals you can balance your meals and enjoy your favourite foods like rice (with rajma), pita bread (with hummus and veggies), bread (with baked beans). I can see that grin on your face!

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Fascinating Food Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know!

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So far, Bon Happetee has told you all about weight loss scams, good and bad eating habits, various myths and truths about food, a couple of healthy hacks, and so on.  But … How about we cut out on all the gyaan we keep giving you and simply list out some really interesting food facts for you to read today.

Did you know that during colonial times, pineapples were so costly that they were rented in households, just to be put as centrepieces? Or that chocolate chip cookies were merely an accidental invention as a result of the chocolate in cookies not melting properly?

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